Study on patients with superficial bladder cancer

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Largest prospective study conducted worldwide

Mr Haider Syed, a consultant urological surgeon at Good Hope Hospital, has gained international recognition for leading an extensive study on patients with superficial bladder cancer. This groundbreaking study believed to be the largest prospective study conducted worldwide on the topic, involves the use of a holmium YAG laser to perform a less invasive surgical procedure on patients with recurrent bladder cancer. The walk-in procedure allows for a quicker recovery time and is carried out with local anaesthetic, resulting in fewer complications than the conventional treatment given under general anaesthetic.

Good Hope Bladder Team And Mr Haider Syed
Good Hope Bladder Team And Mr Haider Syed

Remarkable improvement in patient experience

Over the past six years of the study, extensive data has been collected and analysed, showing a remarkable improvement in patient experience when compared with conventional treatment. The study has also yielded breakthrough improvements in local re-occurrence, pain score, cost savings for the hospital, and overall patient satisfaction.

Mr Syed’s work on bladder cancer has won recognition at various levels, including Europe’s European Annual Urology Meeting in Vienna and the British Association of Urological Surgeons. More recently, his research gained international acclaim at the World Congress EndoUrology in 2012.

Better outcomes for patients

According to Mr Syed, this study has far-reaching implications for the future treatment of superficial bladder cancer. Good Hope Hospital is now setting the standard nationally in this area of urology, thanks to the team’s specialization and in-depth study of these treatment techniques over a significant period. The hope is that this study will inspire other healthcare providers worldwide to follow suit, resulting in better outcomes for patients suffering from this condition.

Article Source:– University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust | Good Hope leading the way internationally with bladder cancer laser treatment

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Patients comments

I found quality of care, procedures in fact everything associated with the experience from start to finish was excellent

Kidney Haider Syed White

Mr Syed has presented his work at the British Association of Urological surgeons conference, European Urology and World Endourology meetings. His research work has been published in the British Journal of Urology and the Journal of Endourology.

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Mr Syed has recently received colleague and patient feedback as a part of 360-degree revalidation conducted independently by Spire Healthcare in September. All feedback received was excellent from patients who were treated under my care at Little Aston Hospital.

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